Media: experts believe that children have become more likely to stutter because of the pandemic

Story Coronavirus pandemic of a new type that spread from China

Due to the pandemic, children in Russia began to stutter more often, writes the 360 ​​website, citing Yulia Pokrovskaya, president of the Guild of Speech Therapists and Defectologists.

According to her, to speech disorders of varying degrees more than 800 reasons can lead to severity, ranging from poor ecology to wrong types of upbringing. The pandemic also affects this.

“There are definitely problems during the pandemic. They are most often of a neurotic nature, including an increase in the number of children with stuttering, — said Pokrovskaya.

She noted that mild speech disorders, such as when a child pronounces a sound incorrectly, can be corrected. Severe disorders, such as speech problems in children with autism spectrum disorders or mental retardation, will require long and painstaking work. this is the motivation of an adult, », — also said the interlocutor of the publication. At the same time, she admitted that if a person himself does not want to get rid of speech defects, and the initiative comes from others, the chances of success are small, and over the years it becomes more and more difficult to solve problems with speech.

“Settings have already been formed , fixed by many years of practice, but if a person wants, he will fix it. Proof of this — a huge number of people who enter theatrical institutes, correcting their speech, », — Pokrovskaya summarized.

Earlier, the specialist explained why a child can stutter and how speech therapists work with such children. also told stories of seven famous stutterers.


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