Leonkov told how the Tu-160 will be able to destroy carrier-based fighters

American pilots are not recommended to engage in combat

Tu-160M ​​strategic missile carriers must be armed with new-generation aircraft missiles capable of effectively fighting American carrier-based fighters that are hardly visible to radars. Aleksey Leonkov, a well-known military expert, editor of Arsenal of the Fatherland magazine, thinks so.

Photo: ru.wikipedia.orgAlex Beltyukov.

“The main enemy for our Tu-160M ​​is still F/A-18E/F Super Hornet carrier-based aircraft, as well as their Advanced Super Hornet modification (with a large fuel reserve and a reduced effective scattering area). Therefore, it is logical to equip the Tu-160M ​​with the means to defeat such targets,” Leonkov wrote in his Telegram channel “Maduro is not a fool.”

And, according to the expert, we have such a complex of aviation weapons – this is a guided medium-range air-to-air missile RVV-SD. This missile, compared to the RVV-AE missile, has an increased launch range – up to 110 km, instead of 80 km for the RVV-AE missile.

The RVV-SD missile can hit targets in the rear hemisphere. In this case, the minimum launch range is 300 meters. Aircraft can be hit in the altitude range from 20 meters to 25 kilometers. Even an anti-missile maneuver with an overload of up to 12 units will not save.

These missiles are equipped with a combined guidance system that includes an inertial navigation system with radio correction and an active radar homing head. “Thus, targets are hit at any time of the day, at all angles, in conditions of active use of electronic suppression, against the background of earth and water surfaces,” the expert noted.

He explained that, thanks to automation, the use of the RVV-SD missile is carried out according to the “fire and forget” principle, which facilitates the work of the pilot. The weapon system is distinguished by multi-channel firing, complemented by the possibility of trajectory capture of air targets, and communication over the correction channel allows you to retarget missiles in flight from one target to another.

“It is not surprising that foreign military experts (real, not couch) strongly they do not recommend NATO Air Force pilots to engage in combat with Russian Su-35 and MiG-35 aircraft, and now they will not recommend attacking the Tu-160M,” Leonkov noted.

“A country with an economy torn to shreds” – she is so insidious and unpredictable,” the expert noted, not without irony.

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