Kommersant learned about the plan to stop buying Western equipment in the EAEU

“Kommersant” learned about Russia's plans to refuse to purchase Western equipment in the EAEU /s0.rbk.ru/v6_top_pics/media/img/9/23/756581088222239.jpg” alt=”Kommersant learned about the plan to stop buying Western equipment in the EAEU” />

Russia has proposed changing the rules for public procurement of computers, servers and data storage systems in the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). This was reported by “Kommersant” referring to the new version of the rules of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the department confirmed the concept of the document.

The Ministry insists that the EAEU determine the origin of electronics by checking the full list of design documentation for the product, exclusive trademark rights and software source code samples , own production facilities or contract assembly in the country. Another obligation may be the availability of service centers for servicing equipment, which should not be under the control of foreign structures.

Thus, the Russian side is trying to achieve real production in the EAEU countries and avoid profits from the sale of relabeled Western equipment by the “Belarusian shrimp” method to members of the union. (an ironic name for attempts to import sanctioned goods into Russia under the guise of being manufactured in Belarus after the Western sanctions of 2014).

The Eurasian Economic Commission told the publication that it was waiting for the proposals from Russia to be received, and then the working group of the antimonopoly department would study them.

Meanwhile, the members of the working group are already familiar with the content of the proposal of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Kommersant sources said. According to the newspaper, the requirement that there be no controlling investors from the EAEU countries did not raise much objection. However, they expressed concern about the obligation to use only union-made motherboards for the production of servers. One of the interlocutors pointed out that such production exists only in Russia, and this allows it to gain a monopoly.

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The EAEU was founded in January 2015. It includes Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia.

Russia is faced with the need to replace Western equipment for use in government agencies after the US, EU and other countries imposed sanctions against Russian departments, companies and banks in response to hostilities in Ukraine. Key foreign vendors left the Russian market— Microsoft, Oracle, SAP, Cisco, EPAM and others.

In late March, President Vladimir Putin signed a law banning the use of foreign software by government agencies on critical infrastructure. According to it, by January 2025, all authorities and other government customers must switch to domestically developed software.

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