Klishas saw signs of “inevitable denazification” in the resignation of the head of the SBU

Denazification is “inevitably approaching” the Ukrainian authorities, said Senator Klishas. So he commented on Zelensky's dismissal of the heads of the SBU and the Prosecutor General's Office. Zakharova considered that denazification is moving “in full swing” Klishas saw signs of “inevitable denazification” in the resignation of the head of the SBU” />

Andrei Klishas

The dismissal of the head of the SBU Ivan Bakanov and Prosecutor General Irina Venediktova is an “escape”; from the “Natsiks” among the authorities of Ukraine, Andriy Klishas, ​​a senator and chairman of the Federation Council committee on constitutional legislation, said in Teelgram.

“Those who actively served them fled from the Nazis in Kyiv. Denazification is inevitably approaching all the authorities that are still controlled by the junta of this clown. You can’t stop the flight with decrees, — he wrote.

The representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, assessed the situation in a similar way, she wrote that “denazification is in full swing.”

We are talking about the decision of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, the relevant decrees were published on his website on the evening of July 17. The head of the SBU was removed from office under Article 47 of the Disciplinary Charter of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which implies failure to perform or improper performance of duties. Zelensky soon explained that many cases of high treason had been identified in relation to the activities of a large number of employees of the SBU and the prosecutor's office, by that day 651 criminal proceedings had been registered.

“Such an array of crimes against the foundations of national security of the state and communications that between employees of the power structures of Ukraine and the special services of Russia, raise very serious questions to the relevant leaders, — he stressed, promising that “each of these questions will receive a proper answer.”

At the end of June, Zelensky reported on the inspection of the activities of law enforcement agencies, indicating that many of their employees “have gone somewhere instead of protecting their people.” At the same time, Politico, citing sources close to the President of Ukraine, reported “extreme dissatisfaction”; authorities of the country by the leadership of the SBU. According to them, Kyiv's concern was caused not only by Bakanov's actions, but also by the decisions made by his subordinates. The actions of high-ranking intelligence officers in the first hours and days “could cost the country precious territories, including the strategic city of Kherson,” sources told Politico.

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Russia launched a special operation in Ukraine more than four months ago— on the night of February 24th. This decision was made by President Vladimir Putin. He justified his actions by the desire to carry out “denazification” and the demilitarization of a neighboring state, saying that the Ukrainian authorities have been pursuing a policy of “genocide” for eight years; against the inhabitants of Donbass.

Ukraine introduced martial law and announced mobilization, diplomatic relations with Russia were severed. The Ukrainian authorities reject the presence of Nazi formations, said Vladimir Medinsky, aide to the President of Russia, head of the Russian delegation at the talks.

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