Kherson authorities reported the death of the head of the sports department in a terrorist attack

According to preliminary data, Dmitry Savluchenko, head of the regional department of youth and sports, died in the explosion, the authorities recognized the incident as a terrorist attack

The explosion occurred in Kherson, according to preliminary data, one person died, reports TASS with reference to the military-civilian administration ( CAA) Kherson region.

“We confirm the information about the explosion. Now the group has gone to the place, they are sorting it out. No data. So far, according to preliminary information, one person has died,— noted by the administration. Later, its representatives clarified to RIA Novosti that the explosion killed the head of the youth and sports department, Dmitry Savluchenko. The authorities ruled the incident a terrorist attack.

According to the representative of the CAA, the explosion occurred on the morning of June 24 in the urban microdistrict of KhBK. According to a TASS correspondent, at least two vehicles were damaged.

Earlier in June, unknown people blew up the personal car of the head of the Kherson Department of the Penitentiary Service (UFSIN) Yevgeny Sobolev, RIA Novosti reported. and TASS, citing their own sources in law enforcement agencies. The official was hospitalized, his life was not in danger.

At the end of May, Andriy Shevchik, the head of the city administration of Energodar in the Zaporozhye region, was injured in an assassination attempt. There was also an explosion in the entrance of his house, besides him, two guards were injured. The Russian Investigative Committee then said that Shevchik was threatened after he took a pro-Russian position.

Also, the head of the military-civilian administration of the village of Chernobaevka, Kherson region, Yury Turulev, spoke about the attempt on his life. According to him, unknown people blew up his car when he was leaving for work, using a high-explosive projectile.

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