Kazakhstan elects new head of Majilis

The former head of the presidential administration of Kazakhstan was elected speaker of the lower house of parliament The resignation of the former and the election of a new speaker of the lower house of the parliament of Kazakhstan took place on the same day media/img/9/80/756436942645809.jpg” alt=”Kazakhstan elected a new head of the Mazhilis” />

Yerlan Koshanov

The former head of the presidential administration of Kazakhstan, Yerlan Koshanov, was elected speaker of the lower house of the Kazakh Parliament (Mazhilis). This was reported by the press service of the Parliament of Kazakhstan.

Today, Koshanov was registered as a deputy and became a speaker.

Since 2019, Koshanov has led the administration of President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev. His predecessor as speaker, Nurlan Nigmatulin, has submitted his resignation.

The country's Central Election Commission approved Nigmatulin's resignation. The mandate of the deputy, which had become vacant, was transferred to Koshanov. The CEC immediately registered him as a deputy from the ruling Nur Otan party. After that, a meeting of the Mazhilis was held, at which Koshanov was unanimously elected as the new speaker.

Nigmatulin also did not enter the political council of the Nur Otan party approved on February 1. In addition, the daughter of former President Nursultan Nazarbayev Dariga and ex-Prime Minister Askar Mamin left the political council. In total, it included nine people, including Tokayev.

On January 28, Tokayev was elected chairman of the ruling party, replacing Nursultan Nazarbayev, who had led it since its founding in 1999. About plans to transfer the chairmanship to “Nur Otan” The first president spoke to Tokaev earlier, saying that he “possesses full power”; and there is no conflict in the political elite of Kazakhstan.

Numerous reshuffles in the political leadership of Kazakhstan, which were accompanied by the resignations of people close to Nazarbayev, began after the suppression of the riots that swept across the country since January 2. As a result, the ex-president lost all the posts left behind him, and Tokayev received full power in the country.

Nazarbayev has been the president of Kazakhstan since 1990. In March 2019, he resigned, after which elections were held in the republic, which Tokayev won. At the same time, Nazarbayev retained the posts of head of the Security Council, leader of Nur Otan, member of the Constitutional Council and head of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan (ANK).

Experts regarded what is happening in Kazakhstan as an example of a smooth transition of power with Nazarbayev retaining control over the main processes.

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