KAMAZ refused to produce military equipment due to sanctions

The head of the enterprise named the reasons for the undesirable decision.

According to Sergey Kogogin, General Director of KAMAZ, after a long effort, the company's management decided to abandon the production of military equipment. In addition, cooperation with Rostec has been reduced.

The reason for this decision was Western sanctions.

Kogogin mentioned that the company had been in the “red zone” since 2014, from which there was a risk of falling under restrictive measures.

To prevent this from happening, it was necessary to reduce the share of cooperation with Rostec, which was done, he explained.

The second task is to abandon the production by order of the Ministry of Defense, it was also solved.

The company that produces it is currently removed from the concern. Moreover, purely military equipment “KAMAZ” is no longer produced.

In a conversation with Tina Kandelaki on the program “Special guest”, he explained that the concern cannot ignore the sanctions, because it needs “western solutions&#8221 ; and is built into the global automotive industry.

It is technologically impossible to produce all the parts within the country.

Kogogin explained that over the past few years, the production of many components has been transferred to the country.

He called the pandemic conditions and “political instability” in the world. There are also parts that are easier to produce abroad, for example, if gearboxes are more profitable to make in Russia, then synchronizers – in Germany.

As Topnews wrote earlier, “KAMAZ” held a presentation of the first Russian electric car “Kama-1”.

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