Johnson said he was confident in keeping the post until the mid-2030s

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is confident that he will be able to keep his position as head of government until the mid-2030s. He stated this at a press conference following his visit to Rwanda, the words of the prime minister are quoted by The Independent.

“I am actively thinking about the third term and what might happen next. But I'll appreciate it when the time comes, — said Johnson.

According to the newspaper, if the British prime minister remains in office until this term, he will be able to beat the record of his predecessor, Margaret Thatcher, who was head of government from 1979 to 1990.


Johnson traveled to Rwanda to attend the Commonwealth Heads of Government Summit, which was held in that country from June 20 to 25.

The head of the faction of the lower house of the British Parliament, which includes one or more parties, becomes the Prime Minister of Great Britain. However, it must be in the majority. At the time of Johnson's election, the Conservatives managed to stay in power only thanks to the support of the Ulster Unionists from Northern Ireland. His government was the first minority government in British history.

Last December, the sociological institute YouGov published the results of a study that showed Johnson's approval rating was at an all-time low since taking office. It plummeted amid the 2020 Downing Street party scandal, which was held during the lockdown. Then the newspaper The Guardian published photos of Johnson and his wife surrounded by several civil servants in the garden on Downing Street. On the table in front of the politician and company were wine and cheese. The event, according to the newspaper, was attended by 19 people, although only two people who do not live together could communicate with each other in person during the lockdown period. Scotland Yard and the UK government have launched an investigation into the incident.

After the publication of these frames in December 2021, Johnson retained the support of only a quarter of UK citizens (24%), two-thirds of them (66%) negatively assessed the work of the prime minister. According to The Sunday Times, by June 2022, the prime minister's rating had not increased and, on the contrary, continued to decline. However, in early June, Johnson received a vote of confidence from the ruling Conservative Party.

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