Johnson offered to train 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers in four months

The training program for the Ukrainian military will include front-line combat skills, cybersecurity and anti-bomb tactics, as well as basic medical training, Johnson said

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during his visit to Kyiv proposed to launch a major operation to train the Ukrainian military outside of Ukraine. This was reported on the website of the British government.

According to the report, it is planned to train up to 10,000 Ukrainian soldiers every 120 days, which could “fundamentally change the balance of power.”

The program provides for the education and training of Ukrainian military personnel, taking into account the experience of the British military, which, according to the British government's message will allow Kyiv to “rebuild its strength and increase resistance.” International partners may also be invited to participate in this program.

According to Johnson, the Ukrainian military will spend three weeks on a training course, mastering frontline combat skills, as well as basic medical training, anti-explosive tactics and cybersecurity skills.

The British government recalled that since 2015 years during the previous operation “Orbital” The UK has trained more than 22,000 Ukrainian servicemen.

Johnson traveled to Kyiv for the second time on June 17 for a meeting with Zelensky. The leaders visited the center of the non-canonical Orthodox Church of Ukraine (OCU)— St. Michael's Monastery, and also walked along St. Michael's Square, according to the Telegram office of the President of Ukraine.

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Earlier, on June 15, Portuguese Defense Minister Elena Carreiras announced that the country was ready to train the Ukrainian military to maneuver on Leopard tanks or on equipment that Ukraine has.

On June 4, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that the Russian military had attacked the artillery training center of the Ukrainian Armed Forces near the village of Stetskovka, Sumy region, the Ministry of Defense reports.

In this center, foreign instructors conducted practical training for Ukrainian military personnel in the operation and control of fire 155- M777 millimeter howitzers, the department emphasized.

At the end of April, the US Department of Defense in Germany began training Ukrainian military personnel in handling Western weapons systems supplied to Kyiv, including radar stations and armored vehicles.

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