Is it true that Sputnik was recognized as the word of the year in Russia?

The weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” # 45. Apples in the snow and vegetables also 10/11/2021

The name of the Russian vaccine was used 9 times more often than before. p>

State Institute of the Russian Language. AS Pushkin summed up the results of the annual research. After analyzing the texts of the Russian-language media (both Russian and foreign) and publications in social networks, the experts selected the most used words in 2021

As a result, the word “ Sputnik '' was in the first place: it was used 9 times more often than in the previous three years. In second place & ndash; “ Afghanistan '', on the third & ndash; the phrase “ Nord Stream ''. By the way, about the popularity of the word “ Sputnik '' new jokes are also being told. For example: “Do you have free tables?” & ndash; “ Are you alone or with 'Sputnik'? '' says ling & shy; whist, candidate of philological sciences, co-author of the book “ Russian without load '' Ksenia Turkova. & ndash; On the one hand, I agree with him: the vocabulary associated with vaccination was key this year and in many ways determined it. On the other hand, Sputnik & ndash; it's still the name of the brand. It is hardly possible to say that in the English-speaking world, the main words of the year will be “ Pfizer ''. and 'Modern'. And here is the common word “ vaccine '' & ndash; Yes. Therefore, I would rather agree with the choice of the Oxford dictionary, which called the main root vax and everything that is derived from it.

As for jokes, it seems to me that the language game was more around QR codes. Such neologisms as “ kuarnik '' emerged. and “ kuarnik '', the verbs “ kuarnutsya '' (get the code), “ get discouraged '' (to lose it) and to “ crank '' (sit in a restaurant with friends) '.


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