In Japan, they saw in the reaction to the actions of Russia a signal for China

Japan's Defense Ministry: China is watching the international reaction to Russia's actions China is watching the world's reaction to Russia's actions in Ukraine, the Japanese authorities are sure that this affects Beijing's decisions regarding Taiwan. Previously, the Guardian learned about the stress tests in China on the resilience of the economy from sanctions ” alt=”Japan sees reaction to Russian actions as a signal to China” />

International reaction to Russian special operation in Ukraine is a key deterrent for China on Taiwan and South China Sea policy . This was stated by Japanese Defense Minister Nobuo Kishi in an interview with the Washington Post.

“China is closely watching <…> they are paying particular attention to the reactions of the international community,” — Kishi said.

In his opinion, the reaction of the world community will influence the decisions of the Chinese authorities and their chosen actions in the “Asian region and the future.” If countries begin to justify Moscow's actions, the Japanese minister is sure, this “may send the wrong signal that such actions can be tolerated in other parts of the world, including in the Indo-Pacific region.”


Informed sources told The Guardian in early May about the decision of the Chinese authorities to conduct stress tests on the stability of the economy in the event of sanctions similar to those applied against Russia.

Such checks began in late February and early March, the interlocutors of the newspaper noted, a number of key departments of China take part in it— from international trade to banking regulation. The publication wrote that Beijing is using the actions of Western countries as a basis for working out likely responses if sanctions against China are adopted.

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The situation around Taiwan and the South China Sea escalated in the spring of 2021, when Beijing accused Washington of violating its maritime borders. The Taiwanese Ministry of Defense then repeatedly stated that Chinese warplanes were violating the island's airspace. The Chinese side claimed that these planes were taking part in the exercises.

The United States warned that they would side with Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack. In October last year, American President Joe Biden noted that Washington had assumed the corresponding obligations.

In mid-April of this year, the Chinese Ministry of Defense announced its intention to conduct military exercises off the coast of Taiwan, in which fighters and bombers were planned to participate , frigates and other forces. Beijing cited “false signals” as the reason from Washington. The Financial Times in early May, citing informed sources, spoke about the US-UK talks, which were devoted to options for closer cooperation to reduce the risk of a clash with China over Taiwan.

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