How to divide deposits in case of divorce?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” # 45. Apples in the snow and vegetables also 10/11/2021

Spouses are getting divorced, but & nbsp; one of them & nbsp; does not want to share & nbsp ; bank deposits. He says that the account was opened in his name. Is this & shy; legal?

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“ According to the law, the contributions of the spouses are divided equally, regardless of whose name they are opened. But if the account was opened before marriage or replenished from money not earned in marriage, & ndash; this is another conversation, & ndash; explains lawyer Alexey Gavrishev . & ndash; For example, if your daughter's husband inherited an apartment, sold it, and deposited the funds, then this is his money. When divorced, they will not share. Or, say, before marriage, he had an account for 2 million rubles, over the years of living together, another 500 thousand rubles were added there. Only this half a million will be divided in half. ''


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