How do scammers deceive schoolchildren by selling fake USE answers?

In Russia, during the delivery of the Unified State Exam and the Unified State Examination, scammers have stepped up who offer to buy graduates fake answers to exam questions. Izvestia writes about this. According to the sources of the publication, the platform for posting such “content” became Telegram. In the messenger, according to the calculations of the Tinkoff Center for Ecosystem Security, about 30 large fraudulent channels selling fake exam questions and answers have already been identified. More than 1.5 million people have already subscribed to them.

How does the scheme of scammers selling fake USE answers work?

As the journalists of the publication found out, the attackers first throw examples of supposedly correct answers from last year's exams into the chat, then give positive feedback from those who bought the “services”. Moreover, among the buyers allegedly are those who successfully passed the first exams this year in geography, literature and chemistry, which took place on May 26. 

On May 30, according to the publication, the group even shared demo versions of fresh answers , and it was proposed to pay for full options. According to the same scheme, scammers promise to work with other exams. 

“Part of the examination materials will be published on the general channel for free, as additional guarantees of our competence on the subject of the exam. You can purchase all full KIMs and answers for your region through our bot», — quoting Izvestia administrator of one of the channels.

After receipt of payment for the “goods” scammers either stop communicating or send the victim forms with fake or last year's answers. Also, the administrator of the group blocks the student so that he cannot leave genuine reviews under the posts and conduct any activity. 

According to the publication, Tinkoff Bank has already begun to receive complaints from customers who were victims of scammers and trying to return money. The press service of the credit institution explained that two appeals had already been recorded from the deceived, who transferred a payment in the amount of 800 rubles to the attackers, but did not receive the service. 

How much do scammers sell fake USE answers for?

The average check of examination “answers” varies from one to two thousand rubles, the analyst of the center for monitoring and responding to incidents of the Jet Infosystems company explained to the publication. Maria Volgina.

However, according to the analysis of Izvestia, there are more serious prices. Some Telegram channels offer to pass the exam on a turnkey basis, which, accordingly, costs ten times more. “The service 100% guarantees the highest result (up to 98 points). Everything you need — it's just to come to the exam “for show”. You have to pretend that you are working hard and writing something there. After the end of the exam, when you turn in your work, your forms will be replaced with others, entering the necessary answers into them, — quoting an ad from one of the Izvestia publications. 

This version of the transaction costs 26 thousand rubles, the reporters of the publication found out. After paying for the “turnkey service” scammers cut off contact with the buyer and disappear forever, the newspaper writes. 

Can Telegram channels sell real questions and answers to the exam and the exam?

According to Volgina, this is out of the question. Data with correct answers to the questions of the OGE and the USE are in a secure information environment, which is almost impossible to access, the expert explained.

Moreover, as the publication notes, during the existence of the Unified State Examination in Russia, there has never been a leak of examination materials. And this means, Izvestia writes, that students will receive either a fake or a dummy. Experts estimate the volume of the market for such fraud at tens of millions of rubles.

Is it possible to return money after buying fake USE answers?

According to the sources of the newspaper, it is unlikely that it will be possible to return money if it is sent to scammers. 

For such acts, fraudsters face up to 10 years in prison (Article 159 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation “Fraud”). However, according to lawyer and managing partner of AVG Legal Alexey Gavrishev, as a rule, the perpetrators of such schemes are located abroad. The chances of solving crimes are negligible, the lawyer explained.

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