How did Russian pink salmon swim to Norway?

“Argumenty i Fakty” Weekly No. 4. Crack in education 01/26/2022

How did Far Eastern pink salmon get to Norway? They write that the Norwegians are afraid that the “Russian” fish will crowd out their salmon.

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Norwegians were scared by the spawning of Russian pink salmon in the waters of their country: they say, this leads to the displacement of Atlantic salmon and trout and to pollution of rivers — having spawned, pink salmon quickly dies and clogs reservoirs. "This is the Far Eastern pink salmon, which was introduced into local rivers in the               explains art. Konstantin Zgurovsky, Adviser to the WWF's Sustainable Marine Fisheries Program in Russia. — It is hard to say how much pink salmon breeding threatens the population of wild salmon in Norway. There is no longer commercial fishing of this species, only a few tens of tons per year are allowed. Therefore, Norwegians mainly grow salmon at home.

Experts note that pink salmon is incredibly prolific, and its offspring is viable. At the same time, it is valued less than other salmon on the market, yielding to them in taste.


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