Has the statute of limitations passed for the murder of Igor Talkov?

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October 6, 1991 in  Petersburg during a concert, due to the order of performances, a conflict arose between I. Malakhov, representing the interests of the singer Aziza, and  Igor Talkov with his representative V. Shlyafman. According to the investigation, the latter snatched the Nagant revolver from Malakhov's hands. and shot the singer. As told in the ICR, initially Shlyafman artificially created evidence of Malakhov's guilt in the murder. And then he emigrated to Israel.

“Murder” refers to especially serious crimes, the statute of limitations for 15 years, – explained lawyer Vadim Tkachenko. – However, the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation provides that the limitation period is suspended if the person who committed the crime evades investigation or trial. Since Shlyafman left Russia in 1992  and is on international wanted list, the statute of limitations for this crime is considered to be suspended».

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