Half of UK fish and chips restaurants face closure due to sanctions

According to the president of the National Federation of Fried Fish Sellers, Andrew Crook, a kilo of cod has already almost doubled in price after the government imposed a 35 percent duty on the import of seafood from Russia

Half of Britain's fish and chips restaurants, which serve the traditional battered cod and potatoes, are in danger of closing due to rising food and energy prices amid sanctions against Russia, writes the Daily Express newspaper.

According to the President of the National Federation of Fried Fish Sellers, Andrew Crook, a kilogram of cod has already risen in price from £8 (€9.5) to £14 (€16.6) after the government imposed a 35% duty on the import of seafood from Russia. Restaurant owners do not exclude that they will have to replace the traditional cod and haddock with hake and other types of cheaper white fish. About a third of all white fish imported into the UK comes from Russia, which controls up to 45% of the world's supplies, the newspaper notes.

In addition, due to military operations in Ukraine, prices for sunflower oil, peas and potatoes also rose in price. At the same time, due to a sharp increase in the cost of heating greenhouses in the country, there is a shortage of gherkins.

Representative of the National Federation of Fisheries Organizations Barry Diaz counts on an increase in the catch of haddock and blue whiting in the North Sea.

In early June, Sky News reported that the owners of fish and chips restaurants would ask Norway to increase the supply of white fish to the country in order to keep prices down.

In the spring, British authorities included cod, haddock and other fish in the list of products, the increase in duties on which should “hit the Russian economy as much as possible, but will not have a big impact on the United Kingdom.”

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