Gryzlov called the main priority as Ambassador to Belarus

Gryzlov called the continuation of the integration of Russia and Belarus the main priority of the ambassador's work The Russian Embassy in Belarus and its new head Boris Gryzlov will continue to promote the integration of the two countries as a priority. The Ambassador emphasized that this is beneficial for both states, and is also of great importance for citizens .jpg” alt=”Gryzlov called the main priority as Ambassador to Belarus” />

Boris Gryzlov

The main task of the work of the Russian diplomatic mission in Belarus and its head— continued rapprochement between Moscow and Minsk within the framework of the Union State, said the new Russian ambassador to the republic, Boris Gryzlov, in an interview with TASS. He was appointed last week.

“The top priority [in the ambassador's job]” continuation of our multifaceted integration within the framework of the progressive implementation of the Treaty on the Union State of 1999, consistent rapprochement within the framework of the Union State on the principles of sovereign equality, voluntariness and conscientious fulfillment of mutual obligations,— Gryzlov explained.— This is a complex task assigned to many sectoral ministries and departments of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus, which the diplomats of both states are called upon to provide foreign policy support and support.

The Ambassador noted that the integration of Russia and Belarus will increase prosperity, provide “worthy” the level and quality of life of citizens of both countries.

Gryzlov added that the “special character” Russian-Belarusian relations allows extending to Belarus “a number of preferences”, including comfortable prices for energy resources, preferential credit terms, simplified access to the Russian market. In addition, enterprises of both countries are implementing joint projects in a number of industries, including energy and industry. Such initiatives, he noted, increase the overall competitiveness of states.

Gryzlov, at that time the Russian plenipotentiary representative in the contact group to resolve the situation in Ukraine, was appointed Russian Ambassador to Belarus on January 14. In addition, he holds the post of chairman of the supreme council of United Russia. In an interview with TASS, Gryzlov noted that he would combine party activities with the work of an ambassador.

Negotiations on the integration of Russia and Belarus have been actively going on since the end of 2018, but due to some disagreements, it was not possible agree on the main points of the integration plan. It originally contained 31 roadmaps. in various areas of cooperation, from taxation to industrial policy.

Later from the “road maps”; abandoned, replacing 28 “union programs”, the content of which was disclosed in September. In particular, they include work in various areas, including the harmonization of monetary policy, the determination of the principles for the functioning of the unified gas market, the development of Belarusian companies' access to Russian public procurement, and others.

“Union programs” approved in November.

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