Grandma is the answer. A pensioner’s equipment was arrested because of her granddaughter’s debt

A strange incident occurred in  Pervouralsk, Sverdlovsk Region.        25                    expensive property worth 300 thousand rubles .

The indignant granddaughter claims: in fact, there is no debt for utility payments, listed on the "Gosuslugakh", in fact!

This story was told by the website According to the publication, at the end of last year, a resident of Pervouralsk Yana Fedotova saw on the website of the State Service debt for utilities. According to the girl, she has no unpaid receipts. She did not pay attention to the information.

On  7 on the morning of February 25th bailiffs came to the apartment of her 82-year-old grandmother. Several people got on the CCTV camera, carrying out an obviously expensive large TV, microwave and other equipment from the entrance. Later, Yana will say that they put an expensive LED TV on asphalt, and loaded all the equipment into a car and took  a bank branch will open, — Yana says. — However, the bailiffs were not interested in a peaceful solution to the situation».

The girl claims that all the equipment belongs to her grandmother, which the woman can confirm with sales receipts. My granddaughter does not even live in this apartment.

According to Fedotova, the technique is not hers, but grandmother's. Shot from a surveillance camera


Yana rushed to the police with a statement about the alleged theft. She found a bailiff who, according to the girl, valued the confiscated equipment at 30,000 rubles and advised her to sign the inventory act. The bailiff did not invite witnesses to the seizure of expensive things and found it difficult to explain the origin of the debt for utilities.

Fedotova paid the debt of  one hundred thousand rubles, claiming that it was three times less than the value of the confiscated, and together with grandmother applied to the prosecutor's office and the police.

The portal provides a commentary from the bailiff service. “The debtor was duly notified of the initiation of enforcement proceedings, however, he avoided appearing for an appointment with the bailiff, ignored the demands for payment of the debt, and hid his actual place of residence. In addition, from  the moment the court decision was made until the date of its presentation to the bailiff service, the citizen had the opportunity to pay the debt», — reported in & nbsp; FSSP. Also, the agency reported that the bailiff is obliged to check the property status of the debtor at the address indicated in the writ of execution, and in the case of repayment of the debt, the property will return to the owner within a day.

Lawyer Nikolai Proninfrom the “Unified Center for Protection” comments: “When seizing and seizing the debtor’s property, the bailiffs of the performer must present a decision to initiate enforcement proceedings and, preferably, a writ of execution issued by the court.

Property can be seized, the value of which is commensurate with the debt. They can withdraw money in rubles and foreign currency, precious metals, jewelry, luxury goods. Household items and items, as well as household appliances (stove, washing machine, refrigerator, etc.) are not seized.

They also cannot seize expensive office equipment, which is the main income of the debtor (for example, a computer , if the debtor is a programmer, designer)». 

According to the lawyer, the value of the property seized in enforcement proceedings should not exceed the amount of the debt established by the court decision that has entered into force. The debtor before the visit of the bailiffs of the executors is notified through the mail of Russia. The seized property is personified (brand, model, serial number) and entered into the inventory act. 

When seizing and inventorying property, at least two witnesses must be invited.

In case of debt repayment according to the IP by the debtor, he can submit an appropriate application for the return of the seized property, which the bailiffs must return after the decision is made to terminate the enforcement proceedings and remove the arrest from the real property.


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