Georgian war scenario: Ukraine is forced to attack the aggressor – Russia

Disturbing and curious news of the week

Russia is an extremely unreliable partner in interstate communication. Everyone is already repeating in chorus: Russia will attack Ukraine. But she doesn't. Well, how can you deal with these Russians? Therefore, the scenario for Ukraine under the name “Georgia 2.0” began to emerge more and more clearly last week. But we didn’t live with just one war: a scandal developed at the Olympics, the Kaluga region drew “figs” for migrants, and the Ministry of Internal Affairs tried to find Russian electronics in the country (it didn’t find it).

President Zelensky demands clarity: “If you have more information about the 100% Russian invasion of Ukraine starting on the 16th, please give us all the information.” Photo:

While the United States is saving the world in a win-win situation (if Russia did not attack on the appointed date — this is because we revealed their plans, and if it attacked — you see, we knew it), an amazing process is taking place. Russia was appointed as the aggressor, but in reality, and not in an image, Ukraine suffers. Investors are fleeing from there with their billions (Zelensky at the end of January called the loss figure – 12.5 billion dollars), more than 30 countries, right up to the Bahamas and Morocco, have recommended their citizens to leave and not come, dump embassies. Against this background, President Zelensky became bolder out of desperation and began to demand evidence from Western partners: “If you or some people have additional information about the 100% invasion of the Russian Federation into Ukraine starting from the 16th, give us, all information please. And then another blow — From Monday, Ukraine may well become a no-fly zone. International insurers are preparing to withdraw guarantees for flights over Ukraine since Monday. This means that air travel in the country may come to a complete halt. The planes are leased, and the airlines, with all their desire, cannot do anything. Already, the plane of the Ukrainian airline SkyUp received a ban from its lessor to cross the airspace of Ukraine and was forced to land in Chisinau instead of Boryspil. That is, Western partners, loudly declaring support for Ukraine, twist its arms with sadistic pleasure. And “support” flies to Kiev by transport workers — anti-tank and portable anti-aircraft systems, small arms, ammunition. The hint is transparent: we will let go of your hands, but you take a weapon in them and forward to the Donbass. And Russia will still be the aggressor. Georgian version. Again, as then, the Olympics outside the window.

At the Olympics, they continued to break spears around the story of our little genius Kamila Valieva. In the bottom line, this is a story about Russian maybe and about Russophobia. What, besides “it will do” prevented formalizing Valieva's intake of trimetazidine for medical reasons? Here you can not even remember the asthmatic skiers. Now this «maybe» — trauma for the girl for life. And what prevented the Scandinavians from voicing the data on the sample taken on December 25 in due time — no later than 20 days? Coronavirus restrictions, how are they trying to tell us? There is no phone, and the mail is so bad that the documents take too long to go? Well, they would give it to some Moscow courier from food delivery — these can pass through the epicenter of a nuclear explosion unharmed. It is obvious that the blow was accurately calculated. Even if on Monday the court acquits Valieva and even if some anti-doping functionary is punished for a joint — the deed is done (try to keep your peace of mind for performances under such pressure), and the sediment remains. Russians must be humiliated and must be humiliated.

And in the homeland, Dmitry Medvedev took up the Russians. The deputy head of the Security Council, who was barely appointed to deal with migration policy, said that the influx of migrants to Russia in 2021 increased by a third and is now growing; that in their mass, many migrants do not speak Russian well, and this is one of the reasons why communities live in isolation and isolation; the size of the largest diasporas ranges from 1 million to 5 million people; there is a risk of the formation of enclaves, small states within a state that live by their own laws and according to their own concepts and, most importantly, ignore our laws and often become a breeding ground for extremist and terrorist sentiments and centers of crime. It finally arrived. And, having received a go-ahead from above (we don’t do it any other way), the governor of the Kaluga region, this is where the former science city of Obninsk turned into a village, became the first to announce the withdrawal from the program for the resettlement of compatriots. Because this program, which became obvious quite a long time ago, is not about compatriots, but about providing large Russian businesses with slaves. However, all this seems to be just another scam: the governor loudly announced bans on migrants from working in trade, passenger transportation, and public catering. But big business, the same construction, was not touched again.

A week later, the case on the supply of computers worth a billion rubles to the Ministry of Internal Affairs was completed. The police signed a contract, but they wanted to be supplied with domestic equipment. They were placed. But, as expected, domestic computers were only at the place of assembly. The Ministry of Internal Affairs was not satisfied with this, as well as the decision of the arbitration court, which considered that the supplier of the rights — Well, we don’t have our own electronics, one name. As a result, a case was opened and the investigation was completed within a week. All this looks not only delusional, but also extremely sad.

Sad because of one feature of our rulers. It is in Western countries that foreign policy is determined by domestic policy. And we have the opposite: the main thing — on the external front, to negotiate with the West, and these parasites inside the borders, who always want something and whine, instead of silently servicing the resource pipeline, are not particularly relevant. Why develop something here if life — there? Here, for example, electronics. Did NATO soldiers destroy the electronics industry in Russia to such an extent that law enforcement agencies cannot be provided with domestic equipment? Here it is — one of the options for tough sanctions.

And the second option — Ukrainian example. Again, not NATO soldiers ruined the civilian aviation industry. So what prevents the West from “imprisoning” all Russian aviation in the same way as it is done with Ukrainian? Yes, we have leasing of foreign aircraft (the cat wept) is provided by the largest Russian banks. But, do you think they will not bend, they will stand with their chest for Mother Russia? Then look for their branches in the Crimea.

However, in any case, they will explain everything to us by the machinations of enemies who want to slow down Russia and prevent it from developing. Don't confuse external enemies.


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