Finnish Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian ambassador because of the operation in Ukraine

The Finnish Foreign Ministry summoned Russian Ambassador Pavel Kuznetsov because of the operation in Ukraine During the special operation, Russian military personnel disabled more than 100 military infrastructure facilities in Ukraine v6_top_pics/media/img/3/62/756457799591623.jpg” alt=”Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs summoned the Russian ambassador because of the operation in Ukraine” />

Kiev, Ukraine, firefighters put out a fire in a residential building that was hit by a rocket

The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned Russian Ambassador Pavel Kuznetsov in connection with a Russian-led special operation in Ukraine, the Finnish Foreign Ministry said on Twitter.

“The Finnish Foreign Ministry summoned the Russian Ambassador today to express our strong condemnation of the Russian military attack on Ukraine, which is a flagrant violation of international law. Russia bears full responsibility for this, — said the Finnish Foreign Ministry, adding that they express “strong support” to Ukraine and Ukrainians.

On the night of February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the launch of a special military operation, calling it the goal of protecting people who “for eight years have been subjected to bullying, genocide by the Kiev regime.” Russia is not going to occupy Ukraine and will not impose anything on anyone, Putin added.

After that, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky declared martial law in the country and severed diplomatic relations with Moscow. He called on the international community to “force Russia into peace” and invited the countries of the eastern flank of NATO— «Bucharest Nine»— to create an “anti-war coalition”.

The Russian Ministry of Defense, commenting on the course of the special operation, reported on February 25 that the Russian military disabled 118 military infrastructure facilities of Ukraine, among them —military airfields, command posts and communication centers , radar stations, as well as anti-aircraft missile systems.

Russian forces strike only at the military infrastructure of Ukraine, nothing threatens the civilian population, and for the Ukrainian military who voluntarily surrendered their weapons, they will create safe corridors to exit the special operation zone, emphasized in the Ministry of Defense.


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