Fast and informative. Patients about the convenience of telemedicine consultations

There is a telemedicine consultation service in the capital, which can be used by patients with symptoms of SARS and coronavirus infection. More than 30 thousand Muscovites have already used the opportunity to get an appointment with a doctor without leaving their homes.

At the end of January, the polyclinics of the capital launched telemedicine consultations for patients with symptoms of SARS and coronavirus infection. Now Muscovites can get an appointment with a doctor without leaving home. Since the end of January, more than 30,000 citizens have already used the service.

In addition to consultation, patients with SARS can remotely receive a prescription for medicines, open and close a sick leave.

One of the patients who used telemedicine consultations and who are being treated at home is Olga Katkova. She told why she used this service, whether it turned out to be convenient for her and how she would close the sick leave.

— Are you being treated at home? How do you feel?

— Much better now, thanks. Yes, I am recovering at home.

— Have you taken the opportunity to get a telemedicine consultation with a doctor? How did it go?

— Yes, I had a few questions regarding medication. And I contacted the doctor of the telemedicine center. I first registered, left a request for a consultation, and literally within five minutes the doctor contacted me. The communication was good, the doctor talked to me very kindly. It was a video consultation. The doctor asked about my health, what medications I take, answered all my questions. I got exactly the information I wanted to get.

— Is this method convenient for you?

— Yes, it was very convenient, because, firstly, I did not leave the house, I observed isolation. Secondly, it saved time. Therefore, it was very convenient. Moreover, it was not an emergency, so it was quite convenient.

— Have you opened or plan to close the sick leave remotely? Please describe the whole process.

— I did not open the sick leave remotely, since I went to the clinic for the initial appointment. But I will close it remotely. I was told that on the day when I need to close the sick leave, a specialist will call. A doctor from the clinic will contact me, find out about my well-being, and this sheet will be closed for me remotely.


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