Faithful companion of the devil. The life and death of Eva Braun

Plot World History with Andrey Sidorchik

The human soul — darkness. One, who grew up in care and prosperity, turns into a scoundrel and a murderer, the other, who knows insults, humiliation, hunger and cold, shows selflessness, nobility and mercy.

“I can't” tell you how much I feel for the Fuhrer»

Women, rejecting the love of worthy men, sometimes devote their whole lives to those who treat them like soulless dolls. Others remain loyal to killers, poisoners, and other representatives of the underworld.

The name of Eva Braun has been preserved in the works of historians, novels, and feature films, not at all because she showed what – some outstanding qualities. It's just that her loyalty to the last breath was given to the one whom mankind rightly considers           Adolf Hitler.

On April 22, 1945, when the history of the Third Reich was counting down the last days, the Fuhrer's companion wrote in a letter to her friend: “My dear Gertha! We will fight to to the last, but I'm afraid our end is getting closer and closer. I don't know how it happened, but I don't trust God any more. I can't tell you how much I feel for the Fuhrer. I don't understand how we could have allowed all this to happen. Say hello to all my friends. I'm dying the way I lived. It's not difficult for me. You know».

Nobody really forced Eva to stay in besieged Berlin. On the contrary, she was more than once offered to evacuate. But she stubbornly refused, declaring that she would stay with Adolf until the end.

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Athlete, typist, photographer

She was born on February 6, 1912, in Munich, to the family of school teacher Friedrich Braun and Franziska Katharina Braun.

The three daughters of Friedrich were brought up in & nbsp; strictness: the father daily announced in & nbsp; at 22 hours     nobody had the right to be awake later. The girls were not allowed any liberties. Eva graduated from the monastery primary school, and then — Lyceum in Munich. Franziska, her mother, was a strong skier in her youth, and Eva also became interested in sports, choosing, however, athletics. After the lyceum, Eva studied at the  Institute of English ladies-in-waiting in Simbach, where she studied French, typing, accounting and home economics.

At 17 years, Eva became a saleswoman and delivery in photo studio photographer Heinrich Hoffmann. The work seemed boring to the girl, and on her own initiative she began to master photography, in which she achieved good success.

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Mistress of the “Mountain Yard”

In the autumn of 1929, she met a man who was introduced to her as “Herr Wolff.” The visitor was clearly interested in the girl, and Eva, who did not follow politics, at first did not even know that none other than the head of the NSDAP, Hitler, became her boyfriend.

Two years later, Eva turned into the main woman in the life of the chief Nazi. True, this novel was not carefree — twice the girl tried to lay hands on herself, like Hitler's previous passion Geli Raubal. Forer was not going to bear the second personal loss: he bought a house for his mistress and made her his personal secretary. This post was nominal, so as not to raise unnecessary questions.

In 1936, the reconstruction of Hitler's personal residence in the Bavarian Alps was completed. The residence was named Berghof (“Mountain Yard”), and Brown moved there, becoming the unofficial mistress of the house.

The next eight years of her life were carefree. The war thundered somewhere far away, and Eva in Berghof whiled away the time, doing color, film and photography. Hitler came to the residence to rest, and Eva didn get into political intrigues, indulging in entertainment.


Only one wish

Fraulein Brown, of course, should not be considered a completely naive fool. The memoirs of contemporaries and surviving letters say that the Fuhrer's girlfriend understood — the end is drawing near. That's just it he, by and large, did not frighten       The only thing she stubbornly sought from Hitler — these are legal marriages.

At one time, the Nazi leader explained his official loneliness in this way: “Many women are attached to me because I am not married. It's like a movie actor: if he is married, then definitely loses something in the eyes of women who adore him, he is no longer their idol».

But in April 1945, there were no longer crowds of German women adoring Adolf. The man with the shaking head was now only needed by Brown. Hearing from  Hitler about the intention to end his life before the door of the "fuhrerbunker" beat out by the soldiers of the Red Army, Eva agreed to do the same. But in return, she asked me to realize my main dream — formalize the marriage.

On April 29, 1945, under the roar of Soviet artillery, Brown became Hitler's wife. The small banquet that followed was the last celebration in the history of Nazi Germany. Against the backdrop of the general depression of those present, only the newly-minted Eva Hitler stood out with a blooming look.

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Eve with her sisters. Photo:

The name is like a curse

A few hours later, she calmly commits suicide. Everything Eva Braun wanted in this life, she got.

Eva's younger sister, Gretl, was married SS Gruppenführer Hermann Fegelein. Gretl's husband, unlike Eva, did not want to die for the Fuhrer, and on April 28 he tried to escape from the bunker. However, he was caught and, according to one of Hitler's last orders, was shot. Fegelein was not saved even by the intercession of Eva, who did not want her not yet born niece to lose her father.

Gretl was in the last month of pregnancy. Already knowing about the death of her husband and sister, on May 5, 1945, she gave birth to a girl, whom she named Eva in honor of a relative. But, apparently, the given name in this family acted as as a curse — the youngest Eva also passed away on her own in 1971.


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