Experts called the ruble exchange rate, which will “tear” the budget of the Russian Federation

According to experts, the strengthening of the ruble may adversely affect the Russian economy.

Analyst of Finam financial group Andrey Maslov, in an interview with the media, pointed out the danger of a too high exchange rate of the ruble against the dollar.

According to the agency “Prime” citing him, now the ruble exchange rate is approaching 65 units per dollar, which means that in the current export-oriented economy, there may be problems with maintaining the trade balance. The latter assumes a weak ruble.

According to Maslov, despite the fact that the Central Bank lowered the rate to 14%, the ruble continues to strengthen. The reason is the decline in imports, which distorted the trade balance.

Exports, even in a reduced version, prevail over imports, and “seriously supports” the national Russian currency.

In addition, the ruble is no longer among the “freely convertible” currencies: transactions with it are prohibited for foreign investors, they are not allowed to trade.

At the same time, the Central Bank took strict measures to control the outflow of currency outside Russia.

Maslov explained that the achievement of the ruble 60 units per dollar is unlikely, because the Russian budget will suffer.

“The Russian budget will“ burst ”and go into deficit,” he believes.

According to Maslov, the optimal rate is about 80 rubles per dollar. He pointed out that analysts of the Bank of Russia are also making such conclusions, because recently the regulator has been trying to prevent further strengthening of the ruble.

For example, the key rate is being reduced and a number of restrictions are being lifted.

Earlier, Topnews wrote that the expert named the real price of the dollar.


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