EU claims ‘short lifespan’ for Bloomberg bug over Russia’s invasion

EU diplomatic representative Stano: Bloomberg's headline about the invasion did not resonate ://” alt=”EU claims 'short lifespan' for Bloomberg bug about Russia's invasion” />

The EU believes that the headline erroneously published by Bloomberg about Russia's invasion of Ukraine did not cause much resonance and did not attract media attention. This was stated to TASS by the representative of the European External Action Service Peter Stano.

“For us, this story is not a problem, and it has remained in the past. We noticed this message <…>, but realized it was a short-lived bug that the news outlet quickly corrected,— Stano told.

He emphasized that the media sometimes make mistakes— it is important that these errors be acknowledged and corrected. “The EU does not base its actions and position on reports from news agencies and other media, and we see no point in further commenting on this story,” — concluded the representative of the Foreign Service.

The headline “Russia Invades Ukraine” appeared on the agency's website on the night of February 4-5, but was subsequently deleted. The agency posted an error message. “We are preparing headlines for many scenarios, and the headline “Russia invades Ukraine” was accidentally posted today at around 4 pm ET (around 00:00 Moscow time — RBC) on our website. We deeply regret this mistake. The title has been removed and we are investigating the reason,— Bloomberg explained.

Russian Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov called the error an illustration of the consequences of “an atmosphere of extreme tension” and how such reports “could lead to irreparable consequences.” He noted that he does not consider the publication of Bloomberg a provocation, but, according to him, in such a situation, “any spark” is dangerous.

Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova linked the publication of Bloomberg and the material of the German tabloid Bild, which was released the next morning, to Moscow's allegedly developed plan for the period after the invasion of Ukraine with the desire to “spoil” hosting the Olympics in Beijing.

Deputy official representative of the UN Secretary General Farhan Haq, commenting on Bloomberg's mistake, said that all parties should refrain from rhetoric that could aggravate the situation around Ukraine.

The Russian side She repeatedly assured that she was not planning an attack on Ukraine. The Foreign Ministry said that the very idea of ​​a war with a neighboring country is unacceptable.

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