Demolition of the monument to Soviet soldiers began in Riga

The monument, which has been located in the Latvian capital since 1985 and symbolizes the victory of the Soviet army in the Great Patriotic War, was decided to be demolished in May. On August 23, dismantling began, deadlines are unknown


The demolition of the monument to the soldiers of the Soviet Army began in Riga— liberators of Latvia from the German invaders, reports Delfi.

According to the publication, builders and tractors arrived at the scene. At the foot of the memorial, one excavator dismantles the steps, and another, smaller one, transports construction waste into a container.

The area around the monument has been fenced off. The police are on duty near him— according to Delfi, there are at least ten police vans around the perimeter.

Preparatory work began the day before. City officials noted that no explosives would be used in the demolition. The exact timing of the final dismantling of the stele and large figures of the memorial was not called, but this must be done before November 15.

The monument in Riga was opened in November 1985 in honor of the victory in the Great Patriotic War and the liberation of Riga from the invaders. It consists of bronze figures of soldiers of the Soviet army and Motherland.

Read on RBC Pro Pro Why Russia's international foreign exchange reserves are shrinking What's Happening to Them Articles Pro Wealthy Retired: How to Save Millions in a Low-Paid Job Articles Pro Partner goes out of business. How to determine the value of his share Instructions Pro IT brain drain can turn into a serious problem for Russia Forecasts Pro “This is a stab in the back for the industry”: what IT companies suffered the most p>On May 12, the Saeima of Latvia adopted a law terminating the article of the agreement with Russia on the preservation of military memorials. This lifted legal restrictions on the demolition of the monument to Soviet soldiers, and the next day the Riga City Council approved its dismantling.

Latvian Ambassador was then summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry. There he was told that the Russian side considers the actions of Riga as a reason for demanding compensation, since Latvia unilaterally terminated an article of the treaty and, therefore, violated its international obligations. The Russian Investigative Committee promised to check the legality of the demolition of the monument.

In August, the mayor of Riga, Mārtiņš Stakis, stated that none of the components of the memorial was of artistic value, therefore, after the dismantling was completed, everything would be disposed of.

Minister of the Interior Affairs of Latvia Kristaps Eklons said that the authorities were preparing for protests over the demolition of the Soviet monument. An application for holding the action was filed, in particular, by the Russian Union of Latvia party, but the authorities did not approve it.

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