Contest for social advertising. The selection of applications has begun on the Web

AiF will take part in a social advertising competition. Autonomous non-profit organization Internet Development Institute (ANO IRI) today began accepting applications for the competition for the selection of social advertising projects for non-profit organizations. Applications can be submitted on the website until December 7.

Earlier this summer, the Government of the Russian Federation endowed the ANO IRI functions of the operator of social advertising within the framework of the implementation of the provisions of Federal Law No. 124-FZ 'On Amendments to the Federal Law' On Advertising '. The operator coordinates the distribution of social advertising on network resources, including ensuring that its share is up to 5% of the total volume of advertising placed on the site. The organization is also currently running test advertising campaigns on socially significant topics.

The winners of the social advertising projects competition will have the opportunity to conduct federal advertising campaigns on leading resources on the Internet & mdash; Yandex, VK Group (formerly Group), Rambler Group & mdash; starting in February 2022. The advertising organizations are directly engaged in the production of advertising, the IRI conducts a campaign using ready-made materials. Winners will receive over 100 million impressions.

“ For the non-profit sector, this is an additional opportunity for effective and centralized promotion of projects on Internet sites. At the same time, we will independently evaluate the advertising materials, develop a media placement plan that is most suitable for the theme and objectives of the campaign, select the necessary placement formats, and place the advertising campaign on the Web '', & mdash; said Deputy General Director of the Institute for Internet Development for Social Advertising Andrey Voronkov , adding that only advertising banners and a landing page would be required from the winner of the competition.

Selection participants provide a banner storyboard, as well as a link to the landing page or its layout and other information about the project. A landing page is a site, a part of it, or a specially created page.

Projects will be accepted in several socially oriented areas. Among them & mdash; support for people with disabilities, support for people in difficult life situations, support for the elderly, development and support of palliative care, prevention of social orphanhood, environmental support, combating domestic violence and others.

“ We conducted a study of passports of state social programs, an expert survey of representatives of socially oriented NGOs and an all-Russian survey of the population, which allowed us to select ten thematic lines that are most in demand at the state level, in the professional environment and society '', & mdash; explained Andrey Voronkov.

Competitive selection includes several stages. At the first stage, independent experts assess the significance and scale of social advertising, its focus on a mass audience, the originality and correctness of the advertising message, the creativity and novelty of the idea, as well as the site to which the user will go when interacting with the advertising banner. The final decision on the selection of finalists is made by the Commission for the selection of social advertising projects.

After that, the winners will be sent a media plan for the preparation of final advertising materials (banners, text and graphic blocks, videos) based on the requirements of the sites. Materials must be submitted within 2-3 weeks, violation of the terms entails termination of the contract and refusal to conduct an advertising campaign.


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