Comparison of the military potentials of Russia and NATO showed the difference

“You shouldn’t underestimate a potential adversary”

In the course of a special military operation to protect the population of the DPR and LPR, Russia is confronted not by the armed forces of Ukraine (AFU), but by the combined forces of NATO. So say a number of military experts. And, although the leaders of the US and NATO have repeatedly stated that they are not at war and are not going to fight with Russia, the threat of a direct military clash, probably, cannot be ruled out. MK asked a military expert to assess the military potential of a potential enemy.


Never underestimate a potential enemy not worth it, military expert Yevgeny Linin is convinced.

– The US Navy, for example, can rightfully be considered the most powerful in the world, – said the expert. – It has ten nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and is located in all oceans, as well as in the Middle East zone.

Thanks in many respects to the American fleet, the US financial system has remained stable over the past decades, since aircraft carriers, in a sense, control not only main sea routes, but also the price of oil.

For comparison: in the Russian Navy there is only one aircraft-carrying cruiser “Admiral Kuznetsov”, and even that one is now under repair.

The so-called combat order of the US Navy includes one or more aircraft carriers, as well as escort ships, such , like Ticonderoga-class missile cruisers armed with long-range cruise missiles. The ships are united by the Aegis radar detection and tracking system.

Destroyers of the Arleigh Burke class are perhaps the most advanced warships in terms of their parameters, with the most effective missile weapons on board. They are also part of the global Aegis missile defense system.

Carrier strike groups also include submarines, whose task is to protect aircraft carriers. The United States has strategic submarines that independently patrol the waters of the oceans and carry long-range ballistic missiles such as the Minuteman III.

The US Navy is also the Marine Corps, which is perhaps one of the most effective combat formations capable of operating around the world, and quite quickly.

– US strategic aviation is represented mainly by B-52 aircraft . This is a heavy bomber that has been in service since the 50s and 60s. It is regularly upgraded, can carry both nuclear and conventional bombs, as well as guided missiles for various purposes. They are used mainly for carpet bombing of enemy territory. We have seen the use of the B-52 in Afghanistan, Iraq, and in almost any conflict where the United States is involved.

More modern aircraft made using stealth technology of low radar visibility are B-2 bombers. Planes are very expensive. True, I would question their effectiveness for the time being, especially against such opponents as Russia and China. Because with all the pluses, they do not have complete “invisibility”.

In fighter aviation, of course, the United States is the leader. The US Air Force operates more than 180 fifth-generation F-22 fighters. No other country in the world has such a large number of such aircraft.

F-35s are 5th generation tactical fighters. They ship to different countries. Their total number in NATO countries is about 700.

So far, we have only released a trial batch of our 5th generation aircraft – about ten Su-57s. The rest of the aircraft, although good, belong to the 4++ generation. These are Su-30SM, Su-34, Su-35S.

France is not much behind the United States in terms of aviation technology. According to the “price – quality” criterion, the French Rafal fighters can be noted. They have low radar coverage comparable to the F-35 but are cheaper to manufacture. At the same time, they have very powerful systems for detecting and tracking targets, high-precision long-range missiles and sufficient flight range, though with external tanks.

– If we are talking about attack drones and reconnaissance drones, then again the United States takes the first place. Predator and Raptor long-range reconnaissance and strike vehicles detect targets in different wavelength ranges. Their software uses elements of artificial intelligence. That is, the computer reduces all intelligence information into one recognizable picture, according to which it assesses the situation and makes a decision on destroying the target with one or another weapon. The operator, based on the received data, can only confirm.

What do we have? The Russian army has several thousand small reconnaissance vehicles. We have only a few heavy reconnaissance and strike drones “Orion” weighing one ton. Their mass production is just unfolding in the Moscow region.

The already well-known Turkish “Bayraktars” are already known to everyone. According to the “price-quality” criterion, they have proven their effectiveness. And we see that all the armed conflicts of recent years cannot do without them. The armies of the states of the post-Soviet space are well acquainted with them, since these drones are in service with them. In particular, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, and Ukraine have them.

We cannot boast of such success yet.


– DDOS attacks, hacker attacks, theft and reprogramming of data – all this is actively used. It is clear that the United States, where the world's IT giants are located, has practically inexhaustible opportunities in this area.

This also applies to the media space. The most powerful information resources such as CNN, ABC, Fox News are also located in the United States. The British Broadcasting Corporation BBC is comparable to them in terms of coverage and capabilities. The uniqueness of the BBC is that this channel creates educational and informative content. People who absorb this information do not always understand that part of it is aimed at creating certain associations in them. Information is presented at such an angle that a person perceives it as the only true and correct one.

– Yes, of course. In recent years, Russia has made serious progress in the creation of high-precision weapons. This, for example, “Caliber”. There are undeniable advances in the development of hypersonic weapons. This is Zircon and Dagger.

I'm not talking about our nuclear missile shield, which is able to bring any potential enemy to life and keep it from rash steps.

Russian military potential is now at the highest level. And it is comparable to the advanced countries of NATO, such as the USA, Great Britain and France.


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