Called a “pro-Russian leader”, the ex-deputy of the Rada announced threats

Ex-deputy of the Rada Muraev said that after the accusations of the British Foreign Ministry, he received “hundreds of threats” According to Yevgeny Muraev, after the statements of Britain, “hundreds of threats” were received against his life and his family members. The ex-deputy suggested that London received disinformation from “elements in Ukraine” and did not properly check it

Evgeny Muraev the role of the leader of the government after the “invasion”; Russia to Ukraine, said he received “hundreds of threats” thereafter. He told the Independent about it.

“All this, of course, is a fantasy, but a dangerous and divisive fantasy, at a time when people are trying their best to prevent war. With regard to me, these accusations have led to hundreds of threats to my life and [the lives of] my family members,»,— Muraev reported.

He added that he did not know why Britain had made such accusations against him. “All I can guess is — it's that the UK Foreign Office got misinformation from some elements in Ukraine and they repeated it without proper verification,— admitted the ex-deputy.— I also think that I and some other people are involved in a geopolitical confrontation between the US, UK, NATO and Russia. facilitate the rise to power in Ukraine of a leader loyal to Moscow, “considering the possibility of invading Ukraine and occupying it.” Muraev was named one of the candidates for the role of such a leader.

London also said that Russian intelligence “maintains links with numerous former Ukrainian politicians,” including former First Deputy Prime Ministers of Ukraine Serhiy Arbuzov and Andriy Klyuev, former Prime Minister Mykola Azarov, and former Deputy Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Volodymyr Sivkovich. Some of them, according to the British authorities, are in contact with intelligence officers who are involved in planning the “attack on Ukraine”.

Later, a Sky News journalist said on Twitter that the message from the British Foreign Office was based on US intelligence .

Commenting on the statement of the Foreign Ministry, Muraev recalled that since 2018 he has been under Russian sanctions, and the Russian assets of his family have been arrested. He expressed bewilderment at how this is combined with the statements of the British Foreign Office.

The Russian Foreign Ministry, in turn, called the message of British colleagues “nonsense”; and “disinformation”. The agency considered this evidence that the NATO countries “are engaged in an escalation of tension around Ukraine.”

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