Britain warns of catastrophic consequences of the war in Ukraine

British Foreign Minister Truss: war in Ukraine will have catastrophic consequences Talks will be held in Moscow today with the participation of the British Foreign Minister, their main topic is the situation around Ukraine

The war in Ukraine will have catastrophic consequences for Russia, for Ukraine, and for security in Europe. This was announced by British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss on Twitter ahead of the talks in Moscow.

“I am in Moscow this week to send a strong signal that the war in Ukraine will be disastrous for Russia , Ukraine and the security of Europe»,— this is how she described the purpose of her visit to Moscow.

She stressed that “Russia must follow the diplomatic path and respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.”

On Thursday, February 10, negotiations between the Foreign Ministers of Russia and Great Britain will take place in Moscow. British Defense Minister Ben Wallace will also arrive in Moscow tomorrow.

The British Foreign Office said that Truss at the talks in Moscow intends to call on the Kremlin to de-escalate and stop the “aggression” against Ukraine, as well as explain to the Russian authorities that they must choose the path of diplomacy and comply with international agreements. “She will make it clear that the Kremlin's current strategy is damaging Russia's reputation and interests,” — The British Foreign Office said in a statement.

In December, Britain announced that it would send about 100 troops to Poland to help strengthen the Polish-Belarusian border. This week, the UK authorities decided to send another 350 Marines into the country. According to Defense Secretary Ben Wallace, this will be a signal that Britain and Poland “stand side by side.” against the backdrop of the transfer of the Russian military to Belarus for joint exercises.

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