Bloomberg learned about the discussion of sanctions against Aeroflot over Belarus

Aeroflot may become involved in the new EU sanctions package, which is being prepared due to the migration crisis and the confrontation on the Belarusian-Polish border

The EU authorities are discussing the possibility of imposing sanctions against the Russian Aeroflot; as part of a new sanctions package against Belarus related to the migration crisis. Bloomberg reports, citing a European official familiar with the plans.

The target of the new package of sanctions will be individuals and companies involved in the delivery of migrants to the borders of the European Union through Belarus. According to a Bloomberg interlocutor, in addition to Aeroflot we can also talk about the Turkish airline Turkish Airlines. New sanctions may be announced jointly with the United States and Britain early next month, he says.

A source close to Aeroflot told RBC that the airline does not fly to countries from which the flow of refugees traditionally flows. … In the Middle East, the carrier has only Egypt, Israel, Iran and the Emirates from destinations, he added.

RBC sent a request to Aeroflot.

Aeroflot in the context of the impending sanctions against Belarus, Politico also mentioned the details of the upcoming EU sanctions package. According to Politico, the sanctions package will include two sections. The first will impose restrictions against those responsible for organizing the flow of migrants to the border, and the second – and mdash; against perpetrators of human rights violations in Belarus. As a legal basis for the imposition of sanctions, the EU plans to add a new category & mdash; 'human trafficking'. The main purpose of these sanctions is & mdash; put pressure on Belarusian officials and airlines that help transport migrants. First of all, the sanctions will be imposed on the Belarusian national carrier Belavia, Politico wrote. But after that, the publication noted that flights to Minsk are also operated by Russian airlines Aeroflot, UTair. and Nordwind Airlines, as well as Turkish Airlines and FlyDubai.

On Monday, November 8, Bild reported, citing several security sources, that Aeroflot; and Turkish Airlines are involved in transporting migrants from Belarus to Germany. The publication reported that over the past six weeks, more than 6 thousand refugees have followed this route with the participation of Russian and Turkish carriers.

Turkish Airlines said on Tuesday that it was not involved in the illegal movement of migrants, including through Belarus. They called the accusations by the media of illegal transportation of refugees “ groundless. ''

In turn, Minsk stated that migrants are entering the republic in a legal way. “ There were no violations of the law by migrants. They are located on the territory of the Republic of Belarus legally '', & mdash; reported on Tuesday the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Belarus Ivan Kubrakov (quoted by BelTA).

According to the winter schedule, about 40 planes from Istanbul, Damascus and Dubai arrive in Minsk every week until March. Welt am Sonntag wrote that compared to the winter of 2019/20, the total number of flights from this region has more than doubled.

Due to the migration crisis, the Polish authorities have warned that they may completely close the border with Belarus … Government spokesman Piotr Müller said that Warsaw is now sending information to Minsk that such an option is possible if “ the Belarusian authorities do not stop the hybrid war on the border. ''

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