Anastasia Rakova spoke about the social support of Muscovites

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More than 40,000 social service specialists work in Moscow, providing support to 4.5 million citizens. Anastasia Rakova, Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Social Development, spoke about social support measures for Muscovites on Social Worker's Day.

For more than 30 years, employees of the social protection system have been helping residents of the capital. More than 4.5 million citizens have been covered by support measures. Thus, every third Muscovite receives assistance from the city. Currently, residents of the capital are supported by more than 40 thousand social service specialists. Thanks to their work, existing projects are being developed and new assistance programs are being implemented.

“Employees of the capital's social security system work in almost 160 institutions, including family centers, social homes, Moscow longevity centers, rehabilitation centers, and territorial social service centers. 40 thousand people provide assistance and support to 4.5 million residents, that is, every third Muscovite. Among them are families with children, people with disabilities, the older generation and veterans, orphans and children left without parental care, unemployed citizens and everyone in need of social support. I would like to note that more and more young people choose helping people as their profession. More than 17% of employees under 35 work in the social protection system. Our main principles are proactive approach and targeted assistance. Every year we expand support measures and introduce new formats of work, which allows us to make the social security system more accessible and convenient for Muscovites», -said the Vice Mayor.

Assistance to townspeople in employment is actively expanding. In the spring, a new Recruitment Center was opened for employees of foreign companies at risk of losing their jobs. For more efficient employment of Muscovites at the sites of the My Job centers recruiting centers of the Moscow Metro, Russian Post, PJSC MOEK, Magnit, Dixy stores were opened and the Moscow Building Complex. In cooperation with the service «» the database of vacancies has been expanded, thanks to which their number has increased to 340 thousand. If the applicant wants to change the field of activity, he can undergo retraining. In the specialized employment center “My Career”, the training center “Professional” and other city educational sites teach modern popular specialties, including in the field of IT and high technology.

The city also continues to expand support for families with children, social support measures are being strengthened, and new projects are appearing. Portal “My Family Center” is filled with new services, with the help of which you can get help from psychologists, lawyers, mediators and other specialists. More than 2 million residents of the capital have already used its services.

Significant changes have taken place in terms of the placement of orphans in families. Thanks to the measures taken by the Government of Moscow to develop family placement, more than 93% of orphans (over 18 thousand) are brought up in families.

The number of schools for foster parents has increased – now there are 40 of them in the city.  Open events are held in centers assistance to family education, the possibilities of the project on property support of foster families have been expanded.  

The city actively supports foster families. They have access to a wide range of benefits and payments, which are regularly indexed. After accepting a child into a family, support services for foster families are ready to support parents, there are 44 such organizations in the city, more than   2 thousand foster families. The  "My New Family" portal has been launched, which contains all the necessary information about the forms of family placement,  social support measures provided by the city  for foster families and graduates of organizations.

For citizens with disabilities, new services also appear that not only provide support for the city, but also provide an opportunity for self-realization. For example, a unified city early aid service is actively developing – service for families with children with special needs. The project team is multifaceted – pediatricians, motor development specialists, psychologists, defectologists, speech therapists, family specialists, specialized doctors – neurologists, orthopedists, audiologists, ophthalmologist, physiotherapist.

In 2021, the New Opportunities project was launched. The specialists of this service provide individual support to Muscovites who have lost limbs. Each participant is assigned a personal consultant who helps with all paperwork, provides psychological assistance, immerses in a community where a person finds support, which allows him to return to normal life sooner.

“A special direction in our work – caring for people with mental disabilities. We are opening residential buildings of a new type of social houses after a major overhaul. We use a fundamentally new approach, which is to create an open, comfortable and friendly atmosphere. Since this year, a new service for post-boarding support has appeared. This includes psychological counseling, assistance in paperwork, solving everyday issues and other situations that graduates of city boarding schools may face when starting an independent life”, – said the deputy mayor.

The capital also launched the School of Related Care project, which began work this year. In the classroom, they tell not only about the proper care of a loved one, but also about how to properly build communications within the family, how to comfortably and safely equip the space in the apartment and to remain in a resourceful state and avoid emotional burnout.

Work continues on organizing active leisure for the older generation of citizens. By the end of the year, more than 70 Moscow Longevity Centers will operate,  52 of which are already receiving visitors. “Moscow longevity” after a break to online, it switched to face-to-face format. The summer program has started. In the Moskino network the first premiere screenings of the feature film “Silver Aster”, created by the project participants, took place.

Often, citizens also need psychological support. It is provided by employees of the metropolitan psychological assistance service. Psychologists carefully help to cope with difficult life situations and stress by phone, chat and emergency telephone: 051 (for city) or 8 (495) 051 (for mobile). In addition, at the end of last year, on the basis of three medical institutions in the capital, a pilot project was launched to provide psychological support to cancer patients and their relatives.

The functionality of the unified inquiry service of the Department of Labor and Social Protection has been expanded: +7 495 870-44-44. Specialists advise Muscovites on the procedure for obtaining public services in the field of social protection of the population: who can apply, where to apply, what documents, the deadline and result of execution, the amount of payments, class schedules, working hours, addresses of institutions. Operators use a specialized catalog, the information in which is constantly updated and updated, and, if necessary, connect a person with an employee of a specialized institution.

The level of targeting and accessibility of social services is increasing through the remote format of their provision. Currently, 37 state and other services in the field of labor and social protection of the population are provided in digital form: 22 services – for families with children, 7 services – for the older generation, 3 services – for citizens with disabilities, 2 services for informing about payments and change of personal data, as well as 3 services in the field of labor and employment. Since the beginning of 2021, Muscovites have submitted 2.6 million applications electronically.

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