American expert explained how Ukrainians can slow down a possible Russian invasion

According to Chris Osborne, editor of The National Interest, who previously worked at the Pentagon in logistics and technology, American anti-tank weapons can help Ukrainian army to slow down a potential Russian invasion.

“Now Russia has 12,420 tanks, Ukraine has only 2,596. In addition, the Russian Federation has twice as many armored vehicles and six times as many self-propelled artillery. This imbalance raises questions about how realistic it is for Ukraine to deter or repel a Russian invasion,” the expert writes.

With this in mind, he recommends that the Ukrainian army “be based on reasonable use of terrain, surprise attacks and the use of American anti-tank weapons production.

“Large Russian formations will need to maneuver and coalesce at certain critical moments, which will leave their forces potentially vulnerable. Javelin anti-tank systems could help destroy Russian tanks at ranges exceeding several miles,” he added.

The expert also recalled that there are more plains in eastern Ukraine than in the more hilly western regions. Therefore, the equipment will be visible from the air, where Russia also has an overwhelming superiority. As soon as Ukrainian tanks or anti-tank systems open fire, they will immediately give away their location to aerial drones with infrared or thermal sensors, Osborne said.

invasion. Russia is unlikely to be able to deploy aircraft capable of challenging the F-35. If Ukraine received air support from the United States, Russian ground formations would become vulnerable,” he concluded.

Recall that on January 23, the second batch of lethal American weapons arrived in Ukraine. Kiev received more than 80 tons of weapons from Washington. As the Ukrainian Telegram channels clarify, this time hand-held disposable grenade launchers M141 Bunker Defeat Munition were brought to Ukraine.


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