Alien brain for everyone. Artificial intelligence – for all specialties

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In 2021, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education developed and implemented the educational module “Artificial Intelligence Systems” in Russian universities. for all specialties.

These works were made possible thanks to the national project “Science and Universities”.Guidelines for the introduction of disciplines in the study of artificial intelligence will expand the knowledge of all specialists in various industries in the field of new technologies, allowing them to solve more complex applied and research problems. For example, graduates who have completed this course will be able to master the methods of setting problems and processing the results of computer simulation, create mathematical and information models of the studied processes, phenomena and objects, plan the process of modeling and computational experiment, and much more.

The module can be used in the implementation of educational programs in all areas of training and specialties of all levels of higher education and additional professional programs. At the same time, the module will be supplemented with topics and sections, taking into account the level and professional orientation of a particular university program.

In the Year of Science and Technology, this module was also used to create the master's program “Artificial Intelligence and Digital Technologies in Modern Politics” at the Faculty of Political Science of Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov. With its help, students study the features of the use of artificial intelligence in international relations research and political analysis. Thanks to such knowledge, it will be possible to analyze huge amounts of meaningful information to improve the quality of decisions made.

The program examines in detail issues related to the political and legal regulation of artificial intelligence; the introduction of modern technologies based on artificial intelligence in the political process, and much more. According to Master's program student Alexander Samoilov, at the moment the need for such disciplines, combining artificial intelligence and political science, will qualitatively improve the level of prepared frames. In his opinion, a detailed study makes it clear that in the era of dynamically developing digital technologies, Russian political science must keep up with the times and modern trends, and this is due to the inclusion of artificial intelligence research in political science.


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