Air defense expert explained the reasons for the closure of airspace on the border with Ukraine

This is to avoid shooting down a civilian aircraft

The Russian Federation closed the airspace over the border between Russia and Ukraine, as well as the border between Ukraine and Belarus, until May 15th. Why this was done, “MK” was told by an air defense expert, ex-head of the anti-aircraft missile forces of the Special Forces Command (air defense district of Moscow), reserve colonel Sergey Khatylev.


– In the area of ​​the special operation, the sky is closed, firstly, for the safety of civil aviation. That is, that no scheduled aircraft or aircraft of any organizations fly there.

Secondly, this was done for military purposes: so that the military aviation of Ukraine and all other countries that may try to provide assistance to Ukrainian troops from the air, respectively, could not fly there.

Thirdly, this is done for the normal operation of our air defense system. The S-300, S-400 systems and all those that have homing systems should operate, if necessary, in the airspace without foreign aircraft being there. Because the identification, capture and destruction of the target can occur automatically. God forbid, some civilian aircraft will come across.

And fourthly, this is done in connection with the suppression of all existing civil communication systems. That is, we are now talking about all guidance and orientation systems. They will be suppressed in order to exclude the use and aiming of high-precision weapons by the Ukrainian side. And we will work as usual.


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