A quarter of Russians called Western democracy and culture destructive

Over 22 years, the proportion of respondents who consider Western civilization, democracy and culture “disastrous for Russia” has grown from 10% to 26%, a poll by VTsIOM showed. Fewer Russians see them as useful

The number of Russians who consider Western civilization , democracy and culture “destructive, disastrous for Russia”, has more than doubled compared to 2000, according to a survey by VTsIOM.

All-Russian poll “VCIOM-Sputnik” was held on 5 August. It was attended by 1600 respondents over 18 years of age, they were interviewed by phone. A random sample was taken from the complete list of telephone numbers used in Russia.

In 2000, according to VTsIOM, 10% of respondents agreed that Western democracy and civilization are harmful to Russians (at that time 1,600 participants in the study were interviewed by the method of door-to-door personal interviews). Now the proportion of respondents who share this point of view has grown to 26%.

Western civilization and culture were called unsuitable for Russia by 33% of respondents (in 2000, 25%). For 22 years, the number of Russians who consider them useful has decreased, & mdash; from 55% to 30%.

According to the study, among those who believe that the West can give Russia a lot of useful things, there are more young people aged 18 to 34. After 35 years, the point of view of the majority of respondents begins to change, according to VTsIOM. The group that considers civilization and democracy unsuitable and destructive is dominated by respondents aged 60 and older.

According to the majority (34%) of the respondents, Western culture influences the tastes of Russians; 44% of VTsIOM respondents are convinced that this influence is rather negative or definitely negative (36% in 2000). The share of those who see this as a positive impact has decreased from 17% to 9%.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly expressed the opinion that “Real democracy cannot be imported,” and “the people will come to this on their own,” if they see fit. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz says Putin is afraid of spreading the “spark of democracy” against Russia, so for many years he “pursued a policy aimed at the collapse of NATO and the EU.”

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